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Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) was established in 1933, is a long-time non-governmental organization providing social services to children and young people in Hong Kong. Through diversified and pertinent services, we aim at breeding youngsters' holistic development and nurturing them to be successors of the Hong Kong society.


MacPherson Stadium is one of the stadiums managed by HKPA, located in the heart of MongKok.  It was an old stadium serving the community since 50's.  With the support from Government, the reconstruction project was begun in 2009.  Our brand new MAC Stadium returns in 2013, equipped with professional stage performance and sports facilities, and we aim to work with venue hirer with flexible mind.  It is perfect for holding cultural and entertainment programmes, sports events, conventions and ceremonies etc. in any scale or nature.


Idea and Value

MacPherson Stadium aims to provide modern and comprehensive venue services for the public,  cultural and recreational groups, and become a platform for the development of local and international culture, music, art and sports.

The goal of MacPherson Stadium is to provide professional and safe venue management and flexible service packages, so that program organizers, participants and the public have a satisfactory rental or use experience.  MacPherson Stadium also hopes to work closely with various cultural and recreational organizations to develop local and international culture, music, art and sports as a partner.

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