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Stadium History

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After the Second World War, Hong Kong's population surged, and the community lacked children's amusement facilities. At that time, Southorn, the president of the Playground Association, together with the manager, MacPherson, sought land from the government to build a children's playground. The establishment of Southorn Stadium in 1950 and the MacPherson Stadium in 1953 were named after the two foreigners.


The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the Hong Kong Playground Association launched a tender for the MacPherson Stadium project in 2008, and the reconstruction project was completed in 2013. The new stadium was put into use in August 2013, with the opening of the basketball tournament (麥花臣場館籃球啟動戰).

Former Stadium

Designed by Su Gin Djih, the first generation of Chinese architects who studied abroad. The site area is 975 square meters, surrounded by streets on all sides. The design of "shell roof" consists of four groups of main span structures supporting a reinforced concrete slab roof with 100mm thick to cover the 36.3 x 18.3 square meters indoor venue below. The stadium has a 2,064-seat grandstand and a multi-purpose venue that can be used for basketball or tennis matches.

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